Ministerial Order no. 102/2015 – D.R. no. 67, Series I of 07-04-2015

Sets out and regulates procedures for power feed-in and for authorisation of overequipment of wind power plants, following the publication of Decree -Law 94/2014, of 24 June as well as the requirements for exemption from individualised remote metering of overequipment power, and defines the levies applicable to overequipment procedures.

Decree-Law no. 45/2015 – D.R. no. 69, Series I of 09-04-2015

Defines forms of  protection of  the name, image and activities developed by  sports federations, as well as the corresponding administrative offence framework.

Decree-Law no. 47/2015 – D.R. no. 69, Series I of 09-04-2015

Makes the second amendment to Decree-Law 223/2000, of 9 September, that created the Energy Agency (ADENE).

Decree-Law no. 48/2015 – D.R. no. 70, Series I of 10-04-2015

Makes the sixth amendment to Decree-Law 366-A/97, of 20 December, aimed at introducing rules in the field of technical specifications, the qualification of packaging waste management operators, the methodology for defining models for calculating financial compensation and the updating of per capita volumes and objective criteria for urban waste management systems.

Decree-Law no. 49/2015 – D.R. no. 70, Series I of 10-04-2015

Lays down the special regime applicable to the conversion of mills, watermills or other equivalent hydraulic infrastructures to hydroelectric energy generation.

Ministerial Order no. 108-A/2015 - D.R. no. 72/2015, 1st Supplement, Series I of 14-04-2015

Defines the mechanism for determining the surcharge included in the transition tariff for selling natural gas to end customers.