Two of these four Section 2(e)(1) refusals were reversed. Put on your TTAB judicial robes and see if you can figure out how these recent appeals came out. [Answer will be found in first comment].

In re Blue Equity Int'l, LLC, Serial No. 86623172 (February 21, 2017) [not precedential]. [Requirement for disclaimer of BEST in the mark shown below, for various entertainment-related services].

In re BPI Sports, LLC, Serial No. 86584732 (February 21, 2017) [not precedential]. [Section 2(e)(1) refusal of BEST WORKOUT, in standard characters and with WORKOUT disclaimed, for "dietary and nutritional supplements"].

In re Fujarek , Serial No. 76709445 (February 17, 2017) [not precedential]. [Section 2(e)(1) refusal of VOICE for "broadcasting services, namely, radio and television broadcasting by satellite and mobile phones, via a global computer network"].

In re Fáilte Ireland, Serial No. 86975779 (February 14, 2017) [not precedential].Section 2(e)(1) refusal of DUBLIN PASS for "Advertising services; television and radio advertising; public relations; promoting the goods and services of others through the distribution of discount cards" and for "Information services for entertainment, recreation and education" [PASS disclaimed]].