Bill Establishing Sanctions for the Transport and Disposal of Waste to Illegal Dumping Sites Approved

The Chilean Chamber of Deputies and the Senate have approved Boletín 7908to amend the Traffic Law (No. 18.290) to include sanctions for the transport and disposal of waste to illegal dumping sites. If signed into law, any person who orders the unlawful transport or disposal of waste would be subject to fines of up to 100 monthly tax units, or approximately $6,500.

Odor Pollution Bill Proposed

Boletín 10268, a proposal originating in the Chamber of Deputies, would amend Law No. 19.300, General Bases of the Environment, to recognize odor as a pollutant.

Light Pollution Protocol for Electrical Products Approved 

The Superintendency of Environment (SMA) has approved the “Protocol of analysis and testing for electrical products to determine compliance with DS No. 43/12 MMA, protection from light pollution." The Protocol would apply to laboratories approved by the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC); and to manufacturers, distributors, and owners of installations utilizing incandescent filament lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, and solid state lamps (LED) in the regions of Antofagasta, Atacama, and Coquimbo.  

Ministries of Environment and Energy Launch Project to Prepare Carbon Market

The Chilean Technical Cooperation Project aims to provide technical assistance to explore, develop, and pilot alternative carbon price instruments in Chile that complement the country’s current carbon tax regulation. The Project is financed by the World Bank and administered by the Chilean Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AGCID).