At Lexology, we work with over 600 law firms globally to help them with their content marketing programmes, but we regularly hear from members of marketing teams that they are unhappy with the volume of content their firm is producing. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! Fortunately there are a number of ways in which you can encourage your lawyers to write more often.

By far the most common reason that we hear for a lack of content is that lawyers simply don’t have the time to write articles or blog posts. However, marketers have a range of tools available to help to convince potential authors of the value to the firm – and to the individual lawyers – of a successful content marketing programme.

I don’t know about the law! How can I suggest what they should write about?

An easy way to get your lawyers started is to ask them to take their cue from conversations they’ve had with clients as to what’s worrying them personally. Ask them to think of an issue one of their clients raised recently and to keep that client in mind when writing. Can they briefly summarise the issue and answer that specific query?

A lot of content produced by law firms simply parrots news stories, but this isn’t necessarily the best way to promote the firm. Successful content adds to a conversation rather than just repeating what others have already said – encourage your attorneys to think of a unique angle they could be taking on an existing legal issue or, conversely, about providing a legal angle to a topical news story.

Many of your potential authors will spend most of their (professional) lives reading lengthy reports written by lawyers, for lawyers, and so assume that they need to write something similar; this couldn’t be further from the truth. In a recent survey, Lexology’s global audience of in-house subscribers expressed an overwhelming preference for content of between 600 and 1,000 words in length – by comparison this post is 640 words in length, so this target shouldn’t be too arduous!

What else can the marketing team to assist the authors?

Nobody wants to feel like they’re wasting their time producing content for the sake of it, so use the analytical data available to you through content marketing services such as Lexology to your advantage. Highlighting successful articles you’ve published or exposure you’ve received with a key or potential client is a great way to encourage your authors to write again in future; in fact, a clear majority of Lexology authors write more than one article.

To get your content marketing strategy off the ground you may need to spoonfeed topics to your authors. Why not look at our popular articles list or our topic hub pages for the most popular articles in a lawyer’s specific area of practice to provide ideas on the topics they could be writing about.

Every law firm is different, and for many the generation of content doesn’t start with the lawyers; could you change the existing procedures employed by the firm? For example, are there other fee-earners at the firm who could produce skeleton articles for the attorneys to flesh out with greater detail? Similarly, could you leverage the firm’s library or knowledge management function to help with horizon scanning of upcoming legal developments, thus helping you to beat your competitors to the punch with topical updates?

Let’s get started!

To get users into the habit of writing, why not subscribe them to receive the daily Lexology newsfeed? Seeing what their colleagues (and competitors) are writing about can spark them into action.

As a marketing professional you’ll already know that a successful content marketing programme is a great way to promote your firm to both key and prospective clients; once they engage, the benefits will also become obvious to your lawyers.