On October 15, the parties in Stratasys Inc. v. Microboards Tech., LLC (Afinia) submitted a stipulation requesting a sixth (yes, sixth) modification to the Court’s pretrial schedule in advance of some upcoming deadlines relating to expert discovery. Stratasys and Afinia explained that they were engaged in active settlement discussions and wanted a chance to focus on reaching an amicable resolution over the coming weeks, rather than expend time and resources on completing expert discovery.

Magistrate Judge Leung granted the parties’ stipulation, and added 30 days (through November 30) to the expert discovery period. Then he went a step further. Leung, sua sponte, continued an October 27 motion hearing and instead ordered counsel for the parties to appear on that day (with their clients’ decision makers available by phone) for a settlement conference in chambers. Magistrate Judge Leung additionally ordered that, if the case is not resolved in the interim, the parties must submit confidential letters providing updates on their settlement efforts on November 13, 27 and December 11.