Resolution of the “Assembleia da República” no. 122/2016 - Diário da República no. 125/2016, Series I of 2016-07-01

Formation of a parliamentary committee of inquiry to Caixa Geral de Depósitos’s recapitalization and to the bank management

Notice no. 8671/2016 - Diário da República no. 132/2016, Series II of 2016-07-12 

Supplementary default interest rates in force in the 2nd semester of 2016 

Ordinance no. 190/2016 - Diário da República no. 135/2016, Series I of 2016-07-15

Definition of the employee profile required for a private car dealership company

Ordinance no. 191/2016 - Diário da República no. 135/2016, Series I of 2016-07-15

Establishes the minimum mandatory characteristics for the uniformed models and identification cards of employees who perform supervisory activities of the private car dealership companies subject to fee payment under the municipal jurisdiction

Ordinance no. 192/2016 - Diário da República no. 135/2016, Series I of 2016-07-15

Definition of the minimum mandatory characteristics required for the vehicle models used by employees with supervisory powers over private car dealership companies

Ordinance no. 194/2016 - Diário da República no. 137/2016, Series I of 2016-07-19

Regulates the terms and proceedings of the biding preliminary option of the Government member responsible for the Finance and Public Administration area and revokes Ordinance no. 20/2015, February 4th 

Ordinance no. 201/2016 - Diário da República no. 139/2016, Series I of 2016-07-21

Amendment to Ordinance no. 1334-A/2010, December 31st, which establishes the value of the rates to be charged by the National Authority on Road Safety (ANSR)

Decree-Law no. 40/2016 - Diário da República no. 145/2016, Series I of 2016-07-29

Amends the Road Code, approved by Decree-Law no. 114/94, May 3rd . the Decree-Law no. 138/2012, July 5th, and the Regulation on the Legal Permit to Drive, approved in annex to Decree-Law no. 138/2012, July 5th , transposing Directives 2014/85/EU of the Commission, of July 1st, and 2015/653/EU of the Commission, of April 24th , which amend annexes I, II and III of Directive 2006/126/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council, December 20th , regarding the driver’s license

Ordinance no. 210/2016 - Diário da República no. 147/2016, Series I of 2016-08-02

First amendment to the Justice Modernization Fund Regulation, approved in annex to Ordinance no. 119/2011, March 29th