Several large cities in the U.S. have permitted customers to order alcohol online and have it delivered to their house.  Although many of these websites could not offer the same service in Las Vegas due to local liquor ordinances, there are allowances for alcohol to be delivered to one’s home in addition to direct orders of limited amounts from wineries and other wine suppliers.  In both Clark County and the City of Las Vegas, grocery stores with the proper liquor license are allowed to deliver to customers via online orders.

The City of Las Vegas also permits retail stores greater than 5,000 square feet that are licensed for package liquor sales to deliver alcohol ordered through the Internet, but both the grocery store and large retail store must meet the requirement that the delivery include non-alcohol grocery items.

Clark County also authorizes the delivery of beer kegs by other establishments, such as convenience stores and taverns, with the added beer keg delivery license.   The City of Las Vegas permits alcohol catering companies to make beer keg deliveries with a catering event permit.