In this case a tenant that had been evicted from one property was given a new tenancy in another area.


The tenant resided at the property with her younger brother, for whom she had parental responsibility, and her young daughter. With the tenant’s knowledge her younger brother and a friend fired air rifle pellets from her property. The pellets were fired without any regard for residents’ safety or property. One pellet was fired into an aerosol can of paint, which consequently sprayed onto newly built properties and caused damage estimated at £2,500.


The association acted immediately and obtained a without notice injunction against both the tenant and her friend.


Neelam Sharma, an Associate at Cobbetts says: “The association was quite right to give the tenant a second chance to improve her behaviour but, with her having shown no signs of behaving, it was also right to take a strong position and issue injunction, possession and demotion proceedings against her to send a clear message that it expects its tenancy agreement to be complied with”.