Health and safety is important in every organisation but in some businesses, health and safety is an integral part of how work is done.  Organisations within the aviation sector must manage a variety of hazards, including manual handling, noise, moving aircraft and working at height, to ensure operations run smoothly.

The Health and Safety Executive has recently published a set of case studies showing how companies in the air transport industry have improved health and safety and, as a result, have seen measureable benefits.  In all cases, the organisation has begun by identifying a risk, whether that be by looking at accident statistics, monitoring occupational health absences or concentrating on a hazardous piece of equipment.  Once a risk has been identified, the organisation works to reduce the risk, for example, by changing working practices or introducing a new piece of equipment more suitable to the task.  The companies involved have seen measurable benefits and have shown that good health and safety makes sound economic sense.  The benefits include a reduced number of accidents (and claims), a reduction in both long and short term sickness absence, improved efficiency as a result of using the right equipment and increased staff morale.