Colorado: Marketplace Board Discusses Medicaid’s Role in Shared Eligibility System 

The Denver Post reported that State officials are investigating methods to strengthen the partnership between Connect for Health Colorado (C4HC) and the state's Medicaid agency on the Shared Eligiblity System, an online portal for consumers to determine Medicaid or premium subsidy eligibility. The Marketplace Board voted to seek proposals for an independent end-to-end review of the technology systems, but must still decide the degree the Shared Eligibility System is aligned with Medicaid and the level of financial contribution from Medicaid. Another proposed option is for customers who are not Medicaid-eligible be able to bypass the Shared Eligibility System. 

Oregon: Governor Signs Bill Dissolving Health Insurance Exchange 

Last Friday, Governor Kate Brown (D) signed SB 1, a bill that dissolves the state’s health insurance exchange, Cover Oregon, and transfers its functions to the State’s Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS). DCBS will take on providing enrollment assistance through a call center and website, contracting with Marketplace plans and leading decision-making for Small Business Marketplace establishment. The bill came about in response to difficulties faced by Cover Oregon in 2014, when it failed to enroll individuals seeking coverage in the first year of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act, forcing the state to switch to the federal Marketplace.