The Competition Authority recently published its 2014 annual report.

Merger control

In 2014 a total of 25 decisions were rendered. Four of the decisions concerned joint ventures and the rest were about the acquisition of control. Notably for participants in foreign-to-foreign transactions, only six notifications concerned the Montenegrin market, while 19 notified transactions were classified as extraterritorial.

Prohibited agreements

In 2014 the authority investigated the following four cartel activities:

  • newspaper publishers fixing prices;
  • restricting access to electronic communication infrastructure;
  • preventing other participants from entering the port services market; and
  • price-fixing agreements between footwear producers and distributors.

As the individual exemption mechanism is still in place in Montenegro, the authority granted individual exemptions to three distribution agreements during 2014.

Abuse of dominance

In 2014 the authority initiated two ex officio investigation procedures:

  • against an ice cream producer; and
  • against a water supply utility company.

The increase in the authority's workload is clearly visible.

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