After a 30-day comment period, the Minister of the Environment approved a revised Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE") Program Plan ("Plan") on August 14, 2009. Phase 1 of the Plan has been in effect since April 2009, and covers materials including as desktop and portable computers, monitors, printers and televisions. Under the revised Plan, which will take effect in April 2010, Phase 2 materials will also be covered including telephones, cellular devices and pagers, cell-enabled PDAs, copiers, scanners, cameras and other audio-visual equipment (video recorders, players and projectors, stereo equipment, audio players and recorders).

Ontario Electronic Stewardship ("OES") has committed to increasing the number of collection sites and events to a target of 448 permanent sites and 304 collection events by Year 5. Overall diversion targets reach 56% of the available e-waste by Year 5. For more information see