One of Britain’s premier arts centres, the Barbican Centre, featured in the news last month. The City of London Corporation, which owns the centre, was found to have unfairly dismissed Nicola Adedeji following its decision not to allow her flexible working hours to care for her two young children. Ms Adedeji, who had worked as a manager of the centre for 10 years, also succeeded in her claim that the centre’s rejection of her application for flexible working hours amounted to indirect sex discrimination, which had contributed to a miscarriage she suffered through work-related stress. The level of compensation she will receive, to be determined later this year, could run to six figures. If government proposals to extend the right to ask for flexible working hours to all parents with children aged up to 17 (at present, only those with children aged under 6 enjoy the right), the incidence of such claims is likely to increase in future.