The Central Bank of Ireland (Central Bank) opened a public consultation in relation to the establishment of the Central Credit Register ("CCR") in accordance with the Credit Reporting Act 2013 (CP No. 93). The Consultation Paper requests views on a number of areas where the Central Bank has discretion in drafting regulations associated with the Credit Reporting Act 2013, which will detail the practical operational matters associated with the CCR, and which is due to be published in late-2015. In particular, the Consultation Paper seeks views around the practical operation of the following:

  • Reporting of Credit Information Subjects ("CIS") to the CCR;  
  • Reporting by Credit Information Providers to the CCR;   
  • Collection of Credit Application Data;   
  • First Point of Reporting of Credit Agreements to the CCR;   
  • Extent of Historic Data to be collected;   
  • Single Borrower View – Accurately identifying CISs;   
  • Collection of Foreign Credit Data;   
  • Collection of Guarantor Data;   
  • Levies and Fees.

The deadline for submissions to be provided to the Central Bank on these issues is 12th June 2015.