The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) issued a Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) to environmental engineering related consulting firms associated with the reclamation of abandoned mine lands in Arkansas.

The agency states that the Statements of Qualifications received in response to the RFQ will be used to screen prospective consultants and select finalists.

Selected finalists will be required to:

. . .conduct oral presentations and to answer questions concerning technical performance and capabilities. Consultant must have and maintain current registration with the Arkansas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

The initial term of the contract is stated to be for one year and can be (if deemed in the best interest of the State and mutually agreed to by the consultant), extended annually for an additional three one-year periods or until specific available funding is discontinued. The work is also described as being subject to annual approved State appropriations for available funding.

Completed State of Qualifications are due to ADEQ by November 23rd. A description of how to obtain the official complete RFQ package and the option of reviewing an unofficial RFQ package are described in the agency announcement. Further, instructions are provided as to who and where to submit the completed Statement of Qualifications.

A link to the ADEQ announcement can be found below.