The Ministry of Justice has published the quarterly Family Court statistics for October to December 2015. After a dip in applications at the end of 2014, they show a gradual upward trend for most of 2015:

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The main headlines are:

  • 29,083 orders were made in 2015, of which 16,528 appointed a property and affairs deputy, 276 appointed a personal welfare deputy, and 49 appointed both.
  • There were 134,363 LPAs in October to December 2015, the highest quarterly figure so far; the common age group for having an LPA is 81 to 90. At the end of 2015, the total number of LPAs registered in England and Wales was 1,617,252, 61% of whom were women.
  • Applications relating to deprivation of liberty increased from 109 (in 2013) to 525 (in 2014) to 1,499 in 2015 (489 of which were made in that final quarter).

Of those 489 DoL applications, 65% were brought by a local authority, 30% by solicitors, and 5% from others including CCGs. The applications broke down into the following (a break down provided for the first time with these statistics):

  • 119 were MCA s16 applications
  • 177 were MCA s21A challenges
  • 193 were made under the Re X streamlined process.

It need hardly be pointed out that 193 applications is rather  far off  the numbers required to achieve compliance with Cheshire West.