One of the real positives about the NPPF debate is just that - we're having a debate about planning. There is so much being written and spoken about it, and so often a new point occurs.

That happened to me when I read on the Planning Advisory Service website a well written guide aimed at summarising the latest position for local authority chief executives. The guide makes plain the potential risks of a local plan not being in conformity, and raises the issue of the extent to which a current plan avoids duplicating national policy. The point is made that because NPPF has simplified national policy to such an extent, local plans may need to be updated to add in elements of national policy which might otherwise fall off the edge but which in the context of any particular local plan may be important.

I hadn't thought of that! So although we are saving pages of policy through the slimmed down NPPF, do they come back to us in local plans?!