In October 2017, the government launched the initial phase of its tribunal fees refund scheme.  This came after Justice Minister, Dominic Raab committed to reimbursing all fees paid since they were introduced in July 2013, in the wake of the ruling of the Supreme Court (the UK's highest court) in July this year that the fees being charged in employment tribunal claims were unlawful.  The government has now rolled out the scheme in full.  As expected, the scheme is open to claimants and respondents who paid a fee.  It includes those who reimbursed their opponent for a fee because they were ordered to do so by the tribunal, and those who paid Employment Appeal Tribunal fees.  The scheme is also open to those who paid a fee on behalf of a party to a claim (and who have not been reimbursed), such as lawyers and trade unions.  However, the refund scheme does not cover payments made under a settlement agreement designed to compensate a claimant for a fee that they paid, even though it appears that the claimant may still be eligible to apply for a refund under the scheme.  Eligible parties can apply online or by post.