ACAS has now published its 2008/2009 annual report, which shows an increase in unfair dismissal claims; an increase that ACAS attributes to the recession. The number of claims which cited unfair dismissal as the main ground of complaint was up from 33,352 last year to 43,028 this year; an increase of 29 per cent. The report also shows a rise in redundancy pay claims, up to 3,938 from 2,891; an increase of 36 per cent. However, the number of working time claims dropped drastically from 17,407 last year to only 2,889 this year. The report has also given an indication of the success of the new pre-claim conciliation scheme, which ACAS piloted in three areas in 2008 and has now begun to fully roll out since April 2009. The free scheme aims to offer early conciliation to parties whose dispute is likely to become the subject of tribunal proceedings. 903 claims were referred to ACAS for the scheme, with a 60 per cent uptake by both parties in the dispute in agreeing to pre-claim conciliation, and a settlement achieved in more than half of these.