FOS publishes report and accounts: FOS's latest report and accounts reports the service handled a record number of cases and resolved twice as many claims as in the previous year. FOS says that, although by nature it is a demand-led service, it also tries to look to the future and anticipate likely challenges. It reports success of its initiative to introduce group funding arrangements for four large financial groups and says it will now extend this to a further four groups. However, it no longer needs to add on the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) supplement. (Source: FOS Publishes Report and Accounts)

FOS publishes Ombudsman News: The latest edition of Ombudsman News focuses on PPI complaints. FOS explains how it is now looking at more complex cases, and includes several case studies on mortgage PPI, where it tends to uphold proportionally fewer complaints as customers have generally received better information. It also looks at alternative redress and the set-off of PPI compensation. (Source: Ombudsman News Issue 118)

FOS announces new chief ombudsman: FOS has announced Carolyn Wayman as the new Chief Ombudsman to succeed Natalie Ceeney. (Source: FOS Announces New Chief Ombudsman)