Enhanced Driver's License and Identity Documents (EDLs) issued by the State of New York are considered acceptable travel documents for purposes of entering the United States at land and sea ports of entry under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). The WHTI is a federal law that regulates which documents U.S. citizens and nonimmigrant foreign nationals from Canada, Bermuda, and Mexico may use when they travel in the Western Hemisphere. Beginning June 1, 2009, only WHTI-approved documents may be used for return to the United States. To review U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s information sheet regarding acceptable documents, please click here.

The EDL denotes both identity and citizenship and costs $30 more than a regular drivers license. The program is voluntary, and EDLs will be issued only to U.S. citizens. To learn more about applying for an EDL in New York State, please click here.

In addition, Washington state currently offers an EDL and Vermont, Arizona and Michigan are in the process of producing EDLs that meet the requirements established by the Department of Homeland Security.