In brief

PUBs are instruments issued by SAREN to pay registration fees and expenses that apply to certain procedures of granting documents before public registry offices and notaries in Venezuela. PUBs are valid for 30 days from their issue.  Users must pay the PUBs in an authorized bank within the first 10 days and then they must file the document with the paid PUB before the expiration of the mentioned 30 days.  If the users do not complete the procedure within the 30 days, PUBs lose their validity and the users must obtain new ones and pay them to continue with the procedure.  The document must be granted within 60 days after the user files and the paid PUB with the registry office or notary.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and the health emergency decreed by the Venezuelan Government,1 SAREN issued a notice ("Notice")2 on 17 March 2020, where it informed, among other measures, that PUBs issued or paid before the Government declared the social quarantine on 13 March 2020, will not lose their validity.

In depth

Validity of the Sole Banking Forms (PUBs)

PUBs issued by SAREN, or that users have paid by 13 March 2020, will not lose their validity. This regardless of whether the user has not submitted the document  with the PUB paid within 30 days.  Users will be able to use those PUBs to continue their procedures once labor activities are restarted.

Suspension of appointments for legalizations

The Notice suspended appointments for legalization of documents.  SAREN will rescheduled them once labor activities restart.

Updates through social media

SAREN will use its Website ( and its social media accounts to inform users any updates related to its functions and the Notice.

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