On June 4, the White House released its policy document on non-practicing entities (“NPEs”) and Practice Assertion Entities (“PAEs”) entitled Patent Assertion And U.S. Innovation together with a press release announcing certain legislative recommendations and executive actions. The White House policy document concludes that litigation by PAEs is on the rise; PAE suits harm firms of all sizes, particularly small, inventor-driven companies and end users of products; PAEs take particular advantage of software patents; and policies should be developed to curtail the activities of PAEs. Two of the White House’s legislative proposals are of particular relevance to the ITC: (1) the proposal to change the standard for ITC exclusion orders to match more closely the eBay standard used in U.S. District Courts to determine whether to issue an injunction; and (2) the proposal to ensure that the ITC has sufficient flexibility to hire Administrative Law Judges to adjudicate Section 337 investigations. The press release also announced an executive action relevant to the ITC, which action called for the Administration’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator to create an interagency process to make Customs’ and the ITC’s exclusion order enforcement process more transparent and predictable.