Immigration Canada revised some of its work permit guidelines this past summer. These are used to guide the decisions of officers in the field. These changes affect a number of areas relating to work permits and the entry of business visitors to Canada. The changes include:

  • The intra-company transferee work permit categories under NAFTA and IRPA have been harmonized. A major change is that the time cap under IRPA's specialized knowledge transferee category has been increased from 3 years to 5 years in total. Senior managerial transferees under both NAFTA and IRPA have a 7 year total time cap.
  • Confirmation that an applicant for a work permit under the IT Workers Program meets the educational requirement if the applicant has a bachelor's level degree in any subject. The bachelor's degree does not require a computing element.
  • New guidelines setting out when a change in corporate structure or ownership requires a new LMO and/or work permit.