At FSA's board meeting it announced several changes to the handbook:  

  • the Payment Services Instrument 2009 amends the Glossary, PRIN, GEN, COBS, DEPP, DISP and EG from 5 May 2009 or 1 November 2009: implements the changes needed to enable FSA to discharge its new responsibilities under the Payment Services Directive;  
  • the Fee Provisions (2009/2010) Instrument 2009 and the Fee (Miscellaneous Amendments) Instrument 2009 amend FEES from 30 March 2009 or 1 April 2009: set certain fees and levy policy changes and set certain fees and levy rates for FSA, FOS and FSCS for 2009/2010;  
  • the Mortgages and Home Finance: Conduct of Business Sourcebook (Deferred Interest Forebearance Amendments) Instrument 2009 amends MCOB from 1 April 2009: makes minor disclosure requirements for lenders offering forbearance based on interest deferment and capitalisation;  
  • the Collective Investment Schemes Sourcebook (Consequential Amendments No 2) Instrument 2009 amends the Glossary, SYSC, FEES, SUP, COLL, CRED, ELM, LR and PERG from 1 April 2009: makes minor corrections to ensure consistency between different parts of the Handbook and removes outdated references which relate to the regulation of the collective investment schemes;  
  • the Supervision Manual (Controllers) (Amendment) Instrument 2009 amends the Glossary, SUP, DEPP and REC from 28 March 2009: implements the provisions of the Acquisitions Directive;  
  • the Compensation Sourcebook (Protected Deposit Transfers under the Special Resolution Regime) Instrument 2009 amends COMP from 29 March 2009 to enable a transferee deposit-taker, where there has been a transfer of protected deposits from one deposit-taker to another, to keep its separate deposit protection limit.