If your company did NOT attend our recent webinar concerning the new Ambush Union Election rules, then please READ ON:

Are any of your company’s employees non-union? Does your company care whether it remains non- union? Does your company want to have a meaningful voice concerning whether your employees choose to be represented by a union?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then start with this: under the ambush rules, the NLRB can conduct union elections within 11 days of the date a petition is filed. Yesterday, President Obama vetoed legislation intended to stop ambush elections in order to allow “fair and streamlined procedures” for employees to “make their voices be heard” in the workplace.

There are now only fourteen (14) days until the NLRB’s ambush union election rules go into effect. Is your company familiar with the ambush rules? Have you educated your management team and/or your employees about any of this? Is your company ready to react instantly to a union petition? Is your company prepared to launch, conduct and win a counter-organizing campaign, all within 11 to 20  calendar days after you first hear of the union’s organizing activity? Is it even possible to win under those circumstances? NOT without a plan!