A broader insider. Blogging for DealBook, Wayne State University law professor Peter J. Henning summarized two bills recently introduced in the US Congress that would broaden the definition of insider trading. (3/16/2015) A broader insider. 

OSC Investor Advisory Panel annual report. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) Investor Advisory Panel submitted its 2013-14 annual report. The report summarizes the Panel’s current activities and priorities as well as its recommendations to the Commission on proposals of importance for investor protection. Unaddressed flaws in Canada’s investor protection regime include inadequate and outdated regulatory standards for the provision of advice, particularly with regard to conflict resolution, client risk assessment and reliance on the regulatory tools of disclosure and investor education, and the continuing failure to ensure access to fair, independent complaint handling and binding compensation. (3/10/2015) OSC press release. 

US Labor Department adopts whistleblower procedure rules. The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration adopted new final rules that establish the procedures and time frames for the handling of whistleblower retaliation complaints under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The new rules are effective immediately. (3/5/2015) 80 FR 11865.