To mark the 30th anniversary of the cooperation between the SIPO and European Patent Office (EPO), several activities have taken place in Beijing, for instance, an International Symposium on IP, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the 9th Conference of Heads of Offices, etc.

According to Benoît Battistelli, president of EPO, the "positive, win-win" partnership between the EPO and the SIPO has created an IP environment in the country that is familiar to European companies. These European firms can then develop their businesses in the Chinese market knowing that their innovations will be protected.

Reflecting in statistics, the European Union is the second-largest overseas filer with the SIPO, accounting for 28% of foreign filings in 2014. In the same year, Chinese filers contributed more than 9% filed with EPO, mainly clustering around the sectors of digital communication, computer technology and telecommunications. 1203_1212713.html