Light industry is a traditional industry of the Chinese national economy and has international competitiveness. It also undertakes the important task of stabilizing consumptions, exports, and employments and plays a pivotal role in economic and social development. This Development Plan of Light ndustry (2016-2020) (“Plan”) was drawn up to implement the “Five-Year Plan of National Economic and Social Development” and “Made in China 2025”, and to guide the development of light industry in the next five years and realize the transition from “a big country of light industry” to “a strong country of light industry”. 

The Plan mainly includes the objectives as follows:

i. during the period of “ Thirteenth FiveYear Plan”, the added value of light industry of an average annual growth rate to reach 6% to 7%;

ii. further improving the light industry standard system and the degree of consistency of international standards of the key field to reach more than 95%;

iii. research and experimental development expenditures accounted for the proportion of main business income enterprise above designated size of key field of light industry over 2.2%;

iv. to support and promote industrial clusters to create about 10 new industrialization demonstration bases;

v. enterprise above designated size energy consumption decreased by 18% over 2015, industrial added value of water, down 23% compared with 2015, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of industrial added value in 2015 decreased by 22%; and

vi. strive to maintain a dominant position in the light industrial products in international market share.