EBA publishes new standards and guidelines: EBA has published:

  • the final draft ITS on disclosure for the leverage ratio;
  • the final draft RTS on the methodology for identifying global systemically important institutions (G-SIIs) and ITS on special disclosure rules for them; and
  • final guidelines on special disclosure rules for large institutions.

(Source: ITS for Leverage RatioStandards and Guidelines for G-SIIs and Large Institution Disclosure Guidelines)

EBA updates single rulebook FAQs: EBA has reformatted its single rulebook FAQs and added some new information. (Source: EBA Updates Single Rulebook FAQs)

EBA clarifies liquidity reporting templates: EBA has noted a small discrepancy in the mapping across of its liquidity reporting templates into the Commission's technical standards for implementing the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR). It has agreed with the Commission that firms can for the time being use either the version published by EBA or the version published by the Commission. (Source:EBA Informs on Liquidity Reporting Templates)

EBA reports on RWAs for mortgages: EBA has published a report on comparability of risk weighted assets (RWAs) for residential mortgages. It wanted better to understand risk drivers and is now sharing its work with national authorities. (Source: EBA Reports on RWAs for Mortgages)