The Office of Inspector General (OIG) announced this week that it will launch a special litigation team devoted solely to Civil Money Penalty (CMP) and Exclusion cases. The announcement was made by representatives of the Administrative and Civil Remedies Branch of the OIG in a presentation at the American Health Lawyer’s Association (AHLA) Conference. OIG officials gave the presentation in a session titled, “Leveling the Playing Field: OIG-Initiated Administrative Litigation.” The launch was announced in the context of a discussion regarding the need to hold individuals accountable, filling enforcement gaps, amplifying OIG work, and the OIG’s future. Tuesday’s announcement demonstates the OIG’s continued interest in pursuing enforcement actions against those involved in health care fraud, waste and abuse. The announcement was not accompanied by an official OIG press release, but more information about the launch is expected in the coming weeks.

This blog post was co-authored by Amy Westergren, a 2015 summer associate in Cooley’s New York office.