On 18 December 2007, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) (in Case C-532/03), overturned the European Commission's (Commission) decision regarding the Eastern Regional Health Authority (Authority). The ECJ held that the Commission had failed to provide evidence that an agreement by the Dublin City Council (DCC) to provide emergency ambulance services to the Authority in Ireland, was awarded in breach of the EU Treaty provisions on free movement of services and the general principles of Community law. Under national legislation, both the Authority and DCC are empowered to carry out emergency ambulance services. The ECJ found that it was conceivable that DCC provides such services in exercise of those powers and through its own funds, even though it receives a contribution from the Authority. The Commission failed to adduce sufficient evidence that the agreement between the parties amounted to a "public service contract" rather than an exercise of statutory function. The ECJ therefore dismissed the Commission's action for infringement.