Corning Inc., a materials science giant, is facing a race discrimination and gender bias class action lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed by Yulonda Woods-Early in federal court in Rochester, N.Y. on February 22, claims that Corning intentionally places black and female employees in nontraditional, lower-paying positions which excludes them from promotion to lucrative senior roles, effectively reserving those positions for white men. The complaint also alleges that Corning uses racially and sexually discriminatory payment practices that has black employees - especially black women - earning less than their non black and male counterparts even when they are performing similar jobs under similar conditions. According to Woods-Early, performance scores for black and female professionals are rounded down company wide while the scores of white male professionals are rounded up. She claims that Corning repeatedly ignored complaints about promotion and pay bias from herself and other employees. Woods-Early claims that a common practice at Corning was to deny performance reviews or artificially lower reviews for black and female employees which limited their promotional opportunities.