Over the past few years, the CDM Regulations have come in for some criticism. Their perceived complexity for small or occasional clients coupled with the lengthy Approved Code of Practice have led to questions as to whether the CDM Regulations are really fit for purpose.

Revisions to the CDM Regulations have been on the drawing board throughout the year, and in May 2013 a revised package was presented to the HSE Board. This includes changes such as imposing new duties for domestic clients, replacing the ACoP with a series of guidance notes and replacing the design-phase duties of the current CDM Co-ordinator with a Project Preparation Manager.

The new regulations now have to clear a public consultation before a revision comes into force. This doesn’t now look likely until the middle of 2015 and with the general election set to take place in May 2015, the CDM Regs (2015?) may well find themselves being pushed back to October 2015 at the earliest. Maybe one for the 2015 Quaystone round-up!