Summer is over and Autumn is truly upon us bringing back many of the winds that seemed die down in the golden summer of Macron. Eurosceptic parties have made electoral gains in Germany and in Austria and the same has now happened in the Czech Republic. The hope that Macron and Merkel could push forward a strong integrationist agenda have faded somewhat as the German liberal party (and possibly the German Supreme Court) fight against common budgets and fiscal transfers.

But the big themes that often excite the media miss many details of the EU integration project. Work in the Commission, in the Council and in the Parliament, goes on. Big issues affecting all citizens are decided regularly. As we note in this month’s What’s App it’s the EU that had to decide on how to classify China’s economy, it’s the EU which will decide if Glyphosate (or Round Up, the world’s most used herbicide) is or is not authorised for use among the Unions 500 million citizens.

In this exceptionally bimestrial edition of Across the EUniverse we look at novelty in several areas of the law. These include the revolutionary (for Italy) changes in the rules governing the labour market as well as the adaptation for the technical revolution 4.0 and the GIG economy; the new approaches that Italy has taken to allow the recognition of foreign judgments which include punitive damages, something which has been consistently resisted up till recently for reasons of public order. Continuing our examination of the implementation in Italy of EU law we look the new Italian entity the SICAF for ensuring transparency in investment vehicles and the distribution of financial instruments issued by Italian unlisted credited institutions on multilateral trading facilities.

And much more. We look at the new EU regulation on the standardized format for the presentation of insurance products and the EU recast Regulation on insolvency proceedings. Finally, we look why Italian wine producers may be missing out in the rapidly changing world of distribution of wines.