Brown and Brown, Inc., an independent insurance and reinsurance broker, brought suit against Connecticut’s Attorney General in an attempt to resist the Attorney General’s subpoena seeking documents relating to an ongoing investigation into certain insurance practices under investigation for violation of the Connecticut Antitrust Act. Brown & Brown filed the action seeking to protect trade secrets and other confidential commercial and financial information. The trial court denied Brown & Brown’s motion for summary judgment, rejecting its claim that Connecticut General Statutes §35-42 allows a party to restrict disclosure of information to any person outside the Attorney General’s office.

Brown & Brown appealed the ruling, and the Attorney General’s office successfully sought transfer of the appeal to Connecticut’s Supreme Court. Finding that the trial court’s ruling denying summary judgment did not constitute a final judgment, the Court dismissed the appeal for lack of appellate jurisdiction, without addressing the merits of the parties’ arguments. Brown & Brown, Inc. v. Blumenthal, SC 17920, --- A.2d --- (Conn. 2008).