The Italian Data Protection Authority (the “Garante”) started on May 12, 2015, along with other 28 Privacy Authorities around the world, a "sweep investigation" on the online privacy of children (especially those between 8 and 12 years-old). This action of the Italian Data Protection Authority is part of the "Privacy Sweep 2015", an initiative promoted by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), the international network established to strengthen cooperation between the Privacy Authorities of other countries.

According to this initiative, Garante will carefully examine the most visited Internet websites, the most popular apps and, in any case, those specifically created for children, in order to check if they actually respect children’s privacy. In particular, it will be analysed the transparency’s degree on collection and use of the information concerning children, the authorizations required to them for the apps’ downloading and the compliance with Italian laws on data protection.

The analysis will be included in a report common to all the involved Countries and the results of such international investigation will be announced next autumn. The initiative, taken globally, will be useful to achieve several important purposes: to raise awareness of the necessity to protect the personal data; to promote compliance with the laws protecting users, especially children; to develop awareness and education actions addressed to the public concerning the use of mobile applications; to promote global initiatives on privacy.