Following its recent plenary meeting, the WP29 has adopted an opinion on the draft ePrivacy Regulation (ePR), which was published in January 2017. The WP29 welcomed measures in the ePR designed to equalise the treatment of Over-The-Top providers with that of telecom operators in relation to maintaining the confidentiality of communications. However, the WP29 is critical of measures relating to Wi-Fi tracking, analysis of content and metadata, tracking walls and privacy by default in relation to terminal equipment and software, stating that in this respect, the ePR would lower the level of protection relative to that provided under the GDPR. In addition, the WP29 has suggested a number of areas for clarification, such as the scope of the ePR in relation to the persons and member states to which it relates, the issue of unsolicited communications and on the concept and application of consent.