Under the FAA, an order compelling arbitration is immediately appealable on an interlocutory appeal, unlike other types of motions. In Devon Robotics, LLC v. DeViedma, 798 F.3d 136 (3d Cir. 2015) (No. 12-3676), the Third Circuit addressed whether the district court’s denial of a motion for summary judgment, in which the issue of arbitrability was raised, qualified as an immediately appealable ruling on a motion to compel arbitration.  The Third Circuit concluded that it was not.  In determining whether an order is appealable under the FAA, the court focuses primarily on the caption of the motion.  The court here noted that the underlying motion was not styled as a motion to compel arbitration under the FAA, but rather as a motion for summary judgment, and the order at issue made no reference to a motion to compel or to the FAA.  It therefore was not immediately appealable, and the appeal was dismissed.