The Commission closed its investigation, opened in September 2011, into the standardization process for payments over the internet (e-payments) carried out by the European Payments Council (“EPC”). The EPC is the decision-making and coordination body of the European banking industry in relation to payments. The Commission was concerned that through its work on standards for e-payments and in particular the e-Payments Framework, the EPC could exclude new entrants not linked to a bank from the e-payments market. During the investigation, the EPC decided to stop the development of the e-Payments Framework and any other standardization initiatives that would have the same object or effect. As a result, the complainant in this case, Sofort AG, withdrew its complaint. Under these circumstances the Commission decided to close its investigation. However, the Commission will continue to monitor the market for internet payments in close co-operation with national competition authorities. Additionally, the Commission considers proposing legislation to establish objective and non-discriminatory rules for all players active in the e-payments market. These rules would be aimed at ensuring that customers can make secure payments while ensuring that new players are not prevented from entering the market. Source: Commission Press Release 13/6/2013