1. Certificate of Need Program
  1. AL2014-029, Baptist Health System, Inc. d/b/a Shelby Baptist Medical Center, Alabaster, AL: Proposes to acquire, relocate and operate four psychiatric inpatient beds for the expansion of the existing 36-bed Geriatric Psychiatric and Adult Psychiatric Service. Opposition: None.


  1. Reviewability Determinations and Pending Reviewability Determinations
  1. Reviewability Determinations

RV2014-029, Rehab Associates, LLC, requests to provide outpatient physical therapy only.

Status: Non-Reviewable.

RV2014-031, Fresenius Medical Care Anniston Home requests to establish and operate a new ESRD center consisting of four home training stations in Calhoun County. Status: Non- Reviewable.

  1. Pending Reviewability Determinations

RV2014-028, Surgicare of Mobile, Ltd., requests to add five operating rooms, 20 pre-post-op bays, and four restrooms and to expand the waiting room and business office. Status: Pending

Opposition: Providence Hospital filed a letter opposing the Reviewability Determination Request. Mobile Infirmary Association d/b/a Mobile Infirmary Medical Center filed a letter opposing the Reviewability Determination Request. In litigation, CV2014-901553, Springhill Hospitals, Inc., filed Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief.

RV2014-030, Jackson Hospital and Clinic requests to renovate the Labor & Delivery Department. Status: Pending.

RV2014-032, Marion Regional HomeCare, LLC d/b/a Marion Regional HomeCare, requests to relocate the home health administrative office from 1186 Military St. South, Hamilton, AL, to 234 1st Avenue SW, Ste 2, Hamilton, AL. Status: Pending.

RV2014-033, Restore Therapy Services Outpatient requests to provide only outpatient physical therapy services in Covington County. Status: Pending.

The next CON Review Board meeting will be held on November 19, 2014.