On June 30, 2016, the New York electric utilities filed Distribution System Implementation Plans (“DSIP”) as required by the New York Public Service Commission’s ("PSC" or "Commission") April 20, 2016 Order in its Reforming the Energy Vision (“REV”) proceeding. Among the filings was Consolidated Edison of New York, Inc.’s ("Con Edison") DSIP. The purpose of the plans is to establish how each utility will incorporate increasing amounts of distributed energy resources (“DER”) in its system. A primary goal of REV is to increase the amount of distributed, clean energy resources in New York state.

Key aspects of the Con Edison plan, which runs approximately 350 pages, include how the utility will forecast the amount of DER and how it will incorporate DER into its distribution planning process. The utility will publish initial hosting capacity maps for its underground network, which comprises most of New York City, and will identify where the greatest value of DER is for staving off Con Edison's investing in its distribution system. Con Edison will also establish requirements for DER providers to follow, including physical, cybersecurity and interconnection requirements. How the utility will share customer data is an important aspect of the plan, as it will allow customers to make informed decisions about adding DER. The utility is also planning to enhance its digital services, in order to give customers insight into their energy usage and allow for sharing of data with third parties.