Class Rulings

CR 2016/60: Income tax: the 'SPARQ Solutions Early Retirement Scheme 2016'

Withdrawn Interpretative Decisions

ATO ID 2003/1024: Capital gains tax: creation of trust - shares in a company in administration

ATO Guidelines

PCG 2016/14: Discount to the valuation of housing fringe benefits provided by retirement village operators

PCG 2016/15: Effects of the Addendum to Taxation Ruling 2002/14

OECD Paper – Branch Mismatch Structures

The OECD has released a discussion paper entitled “BEPS Action 2 – Branch Mismatch Structures”. The discussion paper builds on the OECD’s earlier hybrid mismatch arrangements work in its Report on Neutralising the Effects of Hybrid Mismatch Arrangements (Action 2 – 2015 Final Report) by proposing to apply similar principles to offshore branches. Refer to our Riposte for further details.

ATO Public Rulings Programme Update

The ATO has updated its Public Rulings Programme. The Programme already included, amongst other things, draft rulings on the interaction between the transfer pricing rules in Subdivision 815-B and the debt/equity tests and on whether an entity gets a transfer pricing benefit from an outbound or inbound interest free loan (both due 16 November 2011). The ATO has added to the list a ruling on the capital gains tax consequences of earnout arrangements (excluding arrangements that create look-through earnout rights), planned issue date to be advised.

Progress of legislation

Parliament will resume on Tuesday, 30 August 2016.

As at 26.08.16

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