ECON and Presidency agree PSD2: The Economic and Monetary Affairs Council within the EP and the Latvian Presidency of the EU have reached an informal political agreement on the revisions to the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Once formally approved, the Council of the EU can agree it. Jonathan Hill for the European Commission (Commission) welcomed the advance. (Source: ECON and Presidency Agree PSD2

EP adopts MMF amendments: EP has voted to adopt the amended draft of the money market funds (MMF) Regulation. (Source: EP Adopts MMF Amendments

EP to vote on MLD4 package in May: The EU's legislative observatory shows EP will vote on the fourth Money Laundering Directive (MLD4) and Funds Transfer Regulation in its plenary session on 20 May. (Source: EP to Vote on MLD4 and EP to vote on Funds Transfer Regulation)