As the practise of law becomes more and more international and business continues to move towards cross-border transactions, the need for foreign or dual legal qualification continues to grow.  Law graduates and lawyers who trained outside of the U.S. and who meet certain eligibility guidelines can become U.S. qualified lawyers by passing the California and New York bar exams.  BARBRI has developed 6 or 10-month bar review programmes that are specifically tailored for the non-U.S. based law graduate or lawyer.  With flexible curriculums and online learning opportunities, even busy professionals can obtain U.S. legal qualification.

BARBRI’s Taster Session webinar introduces you to:

  • An overview of BARBRI’s online education platform - the Personal Study Plan, and other proprietary educational tools
  • An excerpt from one of BARBRI’s law lectures from a top U.S. based law professor
  • A systematic problem solving method developed by BARBRI to use on every question encountered on the bar exam

Get a feel for what it is like to be a student on BARBRI’s International Bar Review programme.