The US Small Business Administration (the “SBA”) extended the deadline for small business investment companies (“SBICs”) to submit electronic versions of their capital certificates until Tuesday, July 1, 2014. In an effort to eliminate the necessity to file hard copies of capital certificates, the SBA created an online filing site where SBICs can upload electronic versions of their capital certificates. Once the site is operational, SBICs will no longer submit hard copies of their capital certificates to the SBA. After uploading the initial capital certificate to the site, an SBIC must update its capital certificate electronically at the same times it would have previously filed hard copies with the SBA (for increases in Regulatory Capital, annual Institutional Investor recertification, when applying to draw down leverage, etc.). The SBA has cautioned that any fund or applicant which has a capital certificate due to the SBA before July 1, 2014 should file a hard copy of that capital certificate.