A former policewoman has lost her sex discrimination claim against Lothian and Borders Police. Louise Ward accused the police force of sex discrimination in an action raised seven years ago.

The dispute arose as a result of two separate incidents. The first was Ms Ward's performance review where she was awarded individual grades that she felt were unfair. Secondly, she felt that she had been passed over for promotion in favour of less experienced male colleagues. As a result, she left her employment, took leave of absence then shortly after began training as a lawyer.

The Tribunal found that, in these instances, Ms Ward was not treated any differently from male coleagues and rejected her contention that she was discriminated against. There was no evidence that Ms Ward had been passed over from promotion in favour of less experienced male colleagues on the ground of her sex and it was clear that the criteria used to grade her performance was the same as those used to appraise her male colleagues. In its finding the Tribunal ruled:

"In all the circumstances, there was no hesitation in reaching the conclusion that the respondents did not treat the claimant any less favourably than they would have treated a man."