Clients of our cyber & data risk lawyers may well be familiar with Pure Legal Limited and their large claimant data protection practice.

As reported earlier this year by Global Data Review, Pure Legal had issued more privacy claims in the Media & Communications List this year than any other firm. Incidentally, it was also reported that DAC Beachcroft’s lawyers were defending more privacy claims in the Media & Communications List than any other firm.

Pure Legal acted for the Claimant in the recent case of Warren v DSG Retail Ltd [2021] EWHC 2168, where their client unsuccessfully resisted the strike-out of the misuse of private information and breach of confidence claims, significantly hampering the recovery of ATE premium in cyber-attack data breach cases.

It comes as somewhat of a bombshell (although commentators might say one that is not unexpected) that on 2 November 2021, Pure Legal Limited, alongside a number of other companies within the Pure Business Group, was placed into Administration by an Order of the High Court.

Ongoing cases on which Pure Legal Limited have been representing a party are being transferred to another firm of solicitors, the identity of which we do not yet know.

On claims where Pure Legal Limited have been representing a Claimant, we recommend that payments of damages or costs are not made to Pure Legal Limited at this point in time, and that the identity of the firm which has taken on the claims is awaited before payments are made.

Please note that as far as we can tell, Pure Legal Costs Consultants Ltd (‘PLCC’) have not been placed into administration. PLCC acted for Pure Legal Limited and other solicitors as costs draftsmen. Where PLCC have acted for Pure Legal Limited, it is not recommended that any payments are made to PLCC. If you have any queries concerning costs payments then please email [email protected] or contact Adam Burrell.