The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed the denial of a motion to vacate an arbitration award that reinstated a union-member employee who had been terminated by the employer ostensibly for “just cause.” In holding that the arbitrator did not commit a “manifest disregard of the law” and that the award drew its essence from the governing collective bargaining agreement, the court found that the arbitrator could conclude that: (1) the employee was not terminated for “just cause,” an undefined term in the CBA, notwithstanding the employee’s violation of company rules; (2) the violation was “forgivable,” and (3) the employee should be placed on probation (a “last chance agreement”), notwithstanding that such a remedy was not provided in the CBA. Chevron Mining Inc. v. United Mine Workers of America Local 1307, No. 10-8074 (10th Cir. Aug. 12, 2011).