During the cybersecurity summit, the President announced an executive order promoting private sector cybersecurity information sharing. The Order encourages the voluntary formation of Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs), which may be formed as for-profit or nonprofit entities, to share information related to cybersecurity risks and incidents. The Order directs the National Cybersecurity and Communications Center (NCCIC) to engage in "continuous, collaborative, and inclusive coordination with ISAOs on the sharing of information related to cybersecurity risks and incidents, addressing such risks and incidents, and strengthening information security systems." The Order further provides for the creation of an ISAO Standards Organization to identify a common set of voluntary standards or guidelines for the creation and functioning of ISAOs. The Order also directs agencies to take certain measures to protect privacy and civil liberties, designates the NCCIC as a "critical infrastructure protection program" under the Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002, and amends Executive Order 12829 regarding the National Industrial Security Program. The Executive Order is available here and further analysis by the White House is available here.